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Installation Art, Possible Ideas for US!

April 30, 2009

So today I spent awhile on the internet looking up installation artists and artwork. Focused on things in the woods or on a farm. I love a lot of these ideas and think we can adapt them well to our purposes. There are a few things in here that are not ‘installation art’, but I wanted to throw them in anyway. So take a look… I like the weird stuff in the forest, random things in the field and much more. Tell me what you think.


MISC Concepts/Images I love

April 30, 2009



Here are a couple of images and concepts I really like. I love veils and a bit gothic/victorian in feel. I also love very wild/imp-like– props made from animal pieces. I also really love bizarre installations– things in nature where they shouldn’t be.


My current location, summer shoots

April 30, 2009

This summer (summer 09) I will be located on a farm in upstate New York. I have a variety of environments to shoot here, and also have access to a park in PA for shooting waterfalls.

I have many shoots planned, written out in detail but here are some general ideas.

1. Hot Air Balloon

2. Waterfall Imps

3. Gone Camping

4. Textured Nature (models blend into environment)

5. Empty (clothes with no bodies, faces)

6. Mirrored Farm (mirrored images)

7. On the Hunt (hunting Story)

8. Tree Hugger

9. Farm Work


Negative Images

December 9, 2008

These arre some inspiration images for my negative image shoot I want to do for indie magazine.

Concepts: Locations (not secured yet)

October 25, 2008

These next ideas are based on location, which have not been secured yet. I just wanted to see if there was any interested.

11. Adel Rootstein. This company makes exquisite mannequins that are extremely lifelike. My university professor toured their factory in London and said it was the most bizarre experience of his life. There are body parts everywhere. Naked women staring at you. Buckets of pieces of bodies, and more. I think it would be incredible to do a shoot in the factory/warehouse. It would place with what is real and what is fake. Could also be kind of dark to work in the living models into the bodies of the mannequins, especially the incomplete ones.

12. Shipwreck. There is a beautiful shipwreck in south London on Gray’s beach. I have not been there but the boat is extremely old and was recently set on fire. I very much doubt that we would be allowed to touch the ship, but this might be good for a short series of images around the ship. To see it search ‘Grays the gull lightship’.

Misc Editorial Concepts Oct 25, 2008

October 25, 2008

4. Knight in Shining Armor. I envision the models wearing just small pieces of armor or things to suggest knights in shining armor. Maybe they just have a sword, or wear a shoulder piece, or just a helmut. I am not sure about the clothing styling, but they could even be partially nude/revealed. I am not picturing them as pristine or even appearing victorious… but instead maybe wounded or worn (still stunning and beautiful, but showing signs of their battles). I think just the suggestion of armor would be beautiful. This could be in the studio, but also would be interesting in some of the old cemeteries in london OR at Fountains Abbey (outside of York)… very much fits the feel.

5. Faceless. I’ve always thought that the concept of models with no faces could be interesting. It could either be models in ‘normal’ places with no faces, or their faces could be replaced with something else (symbols, animal parts, stamps, mirrors….not sure).

6. Prosthetic Sexuality. I have always enjoyed shots with models that have something prosthetic or robotic on their bodies. It is often an arm or leg or something to that effect. I think it was be interesting commentary to have the prosthetic pieces be ‘unnecessary’ body parts. Like a partially nude model with one ‘robotic’ breast, or an elongated metal neck.

7. Broken mirrors/glass. Distorted images are interesting and compelling. I would like to shoot the reflections of models in broken mirrors. The broken glass breaks up the image, and creates interesting compositions and stories. Close-ups and full lengths/lying down. The addition uniting elements to be discussed.

8. Transparent fabrics. I envision photographs that are completely lit by lighting the white background. The light can pour through transparent fabrics and around to light the model. This would be focused by dramatic graphic shapes and model movement.

9. Headpieces. I love large headpieces. They give a sense of the bizarre and sometimes the sense of regality. I have one MILLION ideas for large headpieces. One idea I envision is a large headpiece that involved TWO models. The models are held together (perhaps nude models) by the duel headpiece… this allows a lot of interesting composition options (to have the models pose together), and sparks lots of ideas in my head.

10. Black textures: I want to do a shot with beautifully textured black clothing, with black hair, models painted black and a black background. We can work on what additional theme ties together the shots. Dark and moody and beautiful.

CONCEPT: Animalistic/Imp/Other

October 25, 2008

1. Lord of the Flies. When I think of this book, there are several visuals that come to mind, and this can be taken several directions. First of all, I envision savage-like children each with a different role. They have wild hair, dirty, and have unique props/trinkets to represent their role in the battle to survive. Second, you could do this same shoot with women. You can have different warriors (bow and arrow, etc), the leader, and more. They look savage and innocent, passionate but maybe even desperate for survival.

2. Imp Creatures. I envision models dressed in furs, looking very natural (maybe a bit vulnerable). I picture this on location in weeds, with vines, etc (but this in not required). I just picture big/wild hair (perhaps with weed/vines in it) and animalistic/imp-like poses (feeling scared and on edge).

3. Animal Parts. I always love animal parts as props. Bird wings, horns, skulls and more are great props. This would look particularly good is styled with furs (or fake furs).  This could be taken a variety of directions based upon the props attained. This could be very tribal in feel OR it could be ironic with fine clothing with animal parts incorporated.