NEEDED: Prop Designers, Installation Artists, Set Designers

I am currently commissioned by several magazines to do a variety of work.. and am also interested in submitting to some bigger name publications as well.

I want to collaborate with Prop Designers and Installation Artists to do some really interesting shoots…. I am open to ideas. There are several artists that have work that I really admire that often involve interesting props and ‘sets’ (installation art).   — Please go check out the artist Luke Smalley and Anthony Goicolea   Tim Walker is amazing

On another note, I also love the work of Paolo Roversi (look him up on google images for samples)

If you take a look at these, you can get an idea of some of the visuals that are attractive to me. I like bizarre but elegant. I like story telling. I like surreality mixed with reality.

Please email me if you have ideas or would like to collaborate.

For installation artists: I am currently living on a farm and I have 300 acres to work with– ponds, creeks, waterfalls, trees, corn fields, regular fields. Lots of creative spaces to work with!!!


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