Concepts: Locations (not secured yet)

These next ideas are based on location, which have not been secured yet. I just wanted to see if there was any interested.

11. Adel Rootstein. This company makes exquisite mannequins that are extremely lifelike. My university professor toured their factory in London and said it was the most bizarre experience of his life. There are body parts everywhere. Naked women staring at you. Buckets of pieces of bodies, and more. I think it would be incredible to do a shoot in the factory/warehouse. It would place with what is real and what is fake. Could also be kind of dark to work in the living models into the bodies of the mannequins, especially the incomplete ones.

12. Shipwreck. There is a beautiful shipwreck in south London on Gray’s beach. I have not been there but the boat is extremely old and was recently set on fire. I very much doubt that we would be allowed to touch the ship, but this might be good for a short series of images around the ship. To see it search ‘Grays the gull lightship’.


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