CONCEPT: Animalistic/Imp/Other

1. Lord of the Flies. When I think of this book, there are several visuals that come to mind, and this can be taken several directions. First of all, I envision savage-like children each with a different role. They have wild hair, dirty, and have unique props/trinkets to represent their role in the battle to survive. Second, you could do this same shoot with women. You can have different warriors (bow and arrow, etc), the leader, and more. They look savage and innocent, passionate but maybe even desperate for survival.

2. Imp Creatures. I envision models dressed in furs, looking very natural (maybe a bit vulnerable). I picture this on location in weeds, with vines, etc (but this in not required). I just picture big/wild hair (perhaps with weed/vines in it) and animalistic/imp-like poses (feeling scared and on edge).

3. Animal Parts. I always love animal parts as props. Bird wings, horns, skulls and more are great props. This would look particularly good is styled with furs (or fake furs).  This could be taken a variety of directions based upon the props attained. This could be very tribal in feel OR it could be ironic with fine clothing with animal parts incorporated.


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